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Lahore Tourist Points

LAHORE Tourist Points

Lahore, the city of Mughals, holds the history of centuries. It is also known as the city of gardens because of parks and gardens. It is also a cultural heart of Pakistan. One will find many historical masterpieces like Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qilla, and Shalamar Gardens, which are known as Monumental works of Mughal times. Lahore has always been a point of attraction for tourists with many Lahore Tourist Points. UNESCO has entitled Lahore “the city of literature’. Tourists of every taste from literary to adventure love to visit Lahore. Some of the famous places are Minar e Pakistan, Lahore Museum, Safari Park, Greater Iqbal Park, Butterfly Garden, Science Museum, Jalo Park, Sozo Water Park, Race Course Park, and many more.