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Love at first sight: Monkey tries to kiss cat goes viral

The video of a monkey, who seemed to have fallen in love at first sight, takes her paw and kisses it politely. On social media, this cute video is going viral that will undoubtedly make you happy. Monkeys are lovely creatures, not only towards humans but also towards other animals, unless they are threatened.

It shows a woman assisting her lovely white cat in making friends with a monkey. It appears like the monkey is meeting a cat for the first time. As the woman bends down with her cat and holds her hand out, the monkey appears mesmerized.

He then smells the lovely kitten and attempts to kiss her on the lips. The cat seemed to enjoy meeting this lovely and caring creature, but she isn’t into the ‘love at first kiss’ concept and turns away, shattering the poor guy’s heart.

When the monkey realizes that he has been rejected and that the love storey may be unattainable, he rejoins the other monkeys.

The video was shared by the page ‘naturre’ on Instagram, where it earned over 12,700 likes.

Courtesy Bol News

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