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Majority in Sindh Assembly contented with budget 2022-23: CM Murad

  • CM Murad Ali Shah claims majority in the house contented with the budget 2022-23
  • CM warned that no one would be allowed to disturb the peace of the House
  • He alleged that last year too PTI members behaved the same way

KARACHI: Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday said that majority in the Sindh Assembly was happy and contented with the 1.71 trillion budget of fiscal year 2022-23 announced yesterday for the province.

He was addressing a post-budget presser here. “We would not allow anyone to disturb the peace of the House. We will pass the budget with the majority approval keeping the law and constitution in view,” he added.

Murad Ali Shah, while touching on the ruckus in the Sindh Assembly yesterday during budget speech, maintained that MQM, Jamat-e-Islami (JI), TLP and other opposition parties were also present in the House and stayed quiet on the benches adding that PTI members have no interest in the people of Sindh. “Their panic-stricken leader doesn’t know what he says and the leadership cares only for the Chief.”

The CM alleged that last year too, PTI members behaved the same way, and warned that the Sindh government would not allow the misbehavior in the assembly.

“Despite the ruckus, they created during the budget speech, if they can behave like civilized people we will listen to them,” the CM underscored.

Notably, he announced that a 1.71 trillion budget was presented, and similarly to the last year no new tax and no finance bills are added.

The minister maintained that the government is providing relief in 3 tax divisions including cotton fees, entertainment and professional taxes adding that they have been aware of the agony of people. Murad Ali Shah also announced that record development schemes are part of the budget while social protection is the key element in the budget.

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