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Man Files a Case Against MG Lahore for Causing His Father’s Death

Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan once again finds itself at the sharp end of a knife as it is now facing torture allegations following the death of one of its customers on September 24, 2021. As per a recent news report from Nation Bytes, an FIR [First Information Report] has been filed against the company staff for “torturing” the customer, hence allegedly deliberately causing his untimely demise.

The customer’s son, Ghaus Gondal, also stated in a social media post that his father was approached by the MG dealership staff member at Packages Mall, Lahore, who asked him to bring the remaining payable amount to the dealership and receive his vehicle.

Gondal said that his father, along with his driver, took the remaining payable amount, adding that MG collected the remaining payment while the vehicle delivery was delayed once again. This, he added, resulted in a heated argument between the MG General Manager and his father. He maintained that his father, then, walked out and got into his car, along with his driver, to return home, but the car was surrounded by the MG staff and some private guards.

He stated that his father began suffering a heart attack at that moment, adding that his father and the driver both pleaded with the staff to give way to the vehicle so that they could go to a hospital, but the staff declined the request and stood still, which caused his father’s unfortunate death.

Contrary to Gondal’s statement, General Manager, MG Lounge, Asif Ahmed claimed that the customer got enraged upon learning about the delivery delay. Ahmed alleged that the customer physically assaulted the manager, and his health began to deteriorate as he was leaving the premises of the dealership.

Ahmed also stated that the guards showed no resistance to the customer leaving the premises and that he was taken to Ittefaq Hospital by Rescue 1122 where he was declared dead. He claimed that the death was due to natural causes, not torture.

Amidst the clashing statements of both parties, the case is being probed by the authorities concerned.

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