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Man Vows to Sue MG for His Father’s Death

Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan is being plagued by controversy and misfortune once again. This time around, a customer has decided to sue it for the alleged demise of his father outside the company dealership at Packages Mall, Lahore.

The bereaved man, Ghaus Gondal, has insinuated in a Facebook video titled ‘THEY HAVE KILLED MY FATHER TODAY’ that the company was directly and deliberately involved in his father’s death.

Gondal’s Version

Gondal claimed in the video that his father had booked a vehicle in February and expected to receive it in July. However, the delivery delays continued for several months and the company had failed to explain the reason.

He said that his father had received a call from the Morris Garages (MG) Lounge at Packages Mall, Lahore, on Friday, 24 September, informing him that his vehicle had arrived and that he should come with the rest of the payable amount for it.

Gondal said that upon arriving at the dealership, his father had learned that the vehicle had not arrived. He stated that his father engaged in a heated argument with the staff, after which the general manager misbehaved with him.

Gondal claimed that his father exited the dealership to de-escalate the argument and had gotten into his car with the driver to leave the premises, but the car was surrounded by the company’s “private guards” and the general manager. He said that it was at that moment that his distressed father had a heart attack.

He stated that both his father and the driver started pleading with the group of nearly 15 men to clear the way for them to go to the hospital but the MG staff refused to do so. Subsequently, his father passed away shortly.

Gondal said that he will take the company to court for the loss and grief that they have caused him, his family, and other people.

“I will seek justice for my father’s murder because I do not want others to face the same fate at the hands of this mafia,” he said.

The Company’s Response

MG Pakistan was fairly prompt in issuing a response against Gondal’s statements and denied any direct involvement in his father’s death.

It issued a statement on its social media captioned:

The facts of the tragedy don’t lessen the loss suffered by the family of one of our customers, yet they will reaffirm that we will always be transparent and cooperative in all our dealings. MG is keenly cooperating with the on going investigation with the relevant law and order authorities.

Delivery delays have become a mainstay issue for MG Pakistan and have resulted in frequent retaliation by customers against the dealership staff, thus subjecting the company to a lot of negative attention.

It was revealed a few months ago that MG’s local assembling facility was set to become operational soon, with a few locally assembled vehicles already having been rolled off the assembly line. However, it is still dealing in Completely Built-Up (CBU) vehicles in Pakistan, with no news on when it will begin the commercial production of its vehicles here. Until that happens, such controversial events will remain inevitable.

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