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Mark Zuckerberg to Announce New Products Tonight

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared a new post on Facebook out of the blue. The executive has said that he’s going to announce new products during a live stream at 10 pm (Pakistan Time). He also told his followers to guess what’s coming.

There were numerous guesses in the comment section from new VR glasses to a space rocket or a new Facebook app or feature. Since Facebook’s new Ray-Ban smart glasses already became official last week, that clearly isn’t the new product set to be announced soon. Zuckerberg denied all the guesses in the comments except for one – Portal.

According to one of the Facebook users, the new product is likely going to be a Facebook Portal successor since the original is on a discount and the holiday season is coming soon. It all adds up.

For those unaware, Facebook Portal is a dedicated video calling device powered by Facebook. It also lets you watch other video content or use it as a Bluetooth speaker. The original Portal did not do well since most people didn’t want a Facebook-powered camera in their homes due to Facebook’s poor track record of collecting data.

Perhaps that will change with the new version. We will find out more at 10 PM tonight.

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