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Meta (Facebook) Smartwatch Leaks With a Front Facing Camera

Facebook has rebranded to Meta in an effort to become more than just a social media platform. The company wants to take us to “the metaverse with a range of new AR/VR and other projects”, one of which is an all-new Meta smartwatch.

The Meta smartwatch has just appeared online in the form of leaked renders that reveal the wearable’s design. According to the renders shared by Bloomberg, the smartwatch has a squircle watch face with a front-facing camera tucked in the bottom bezel.

The leak was sourced from Facebook’s View application which was designed to be used with the company’s new Ray-Ban smart glasses launched earlier this month. The code in this app shows that the meta smartwatch is codenamed “Milan.”

It appears that the right side of the watch has a control button and the straps are detachable. The front-facing camera is likely meant to support video calls, which would make it stand out from the rest of the smartwatches in the market.

Previous leaks had pointed at a Facebook smartwatch with multiple cameras and heart rate sensors. This appears to be the same watch we heard about in older leaks.

It is unclear when the Meta smartwatch will launch, but some reports predict an early 2022 announcement. Once it’s launched, it will be competing against the likes of the Apple Watch, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi’s Mi Watch, and more.

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