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Momal Sheikh Shares Her Weight Loss Secret

Momal Sheikh hails from a big showbiz family with her father Javed Sheikh being one of the most senior artists of Pakistan. Her brother, uncles and cousin are also part of drama industry and we often see them in different projects. Momal herself started appearing in dramas post her marriage and she is also mom to two kids.

Keeping fit is a necessary part of being on screen and many a times it is not an easy job. Momal Sheikh shared that she had to work a lot on herself post her kids as it is not easy for her to loose weight. She also said that she was a never a thin girl while her cousins and friends were all thin. Momal shared that she does intermittent fasting to lose weight and it has helped her a lot in achieving her goal weight. She shared that she is still following the same routine in Ramadan.

Check out Momal sharing her weight loss mantra:

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