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Momina Duraid Trolled After Agreeing to Pakistani Dramas Turning Into Indian Soaps

We all know how bad Indian soaps can be. Stories running for years on years, people defying gravity and heroines getting trapped in suit cases. Even the heavy bridal jewellery worn to make food in the kitchen is unrelatable and frankly stupid.

Pakistani dramas are also dragging a lot these days, stretching the stories for no reason at all just for ratings and views. The stories are also mostly copy paste material from established hit formulas. Ace director Mehreen Jabbar pointed this out. Mehreen has made some mind blowing projects in her career including Doraha, Vasl, Jackson Heights , Mata e Jaan Hai Tu, Rehaai and Daam to name a few. She also made critically acclaimed films like Dobara Phir Se and Ramchand Pakistani. Mehreen called out our dramas that they are turning into Indian soap serials.

Producer Momina Duraid who is responsible for Hum TV projects agreed to Mehreen’s statement:

These are the statements from both the ladies:

At this point, people started trolling Momina Duraid as she is the name behind many subpar dramas that we see on the television:

Courtesy: reviewit

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