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Motorbike Thief in Karachi Uses Child as Cover

A motorbike thief in Karachi was captured on CCTV using a boy for cover as he tampered with the wiring.

The footage shows that he took less than a minute to unlock and hotwire a motorbike that was parked beside the ramp of a house in Block 4 of Gulistan-e-Johar. He then fetched the 12-13-year-old child who had a shopping bag, and they rode away from the scene.

Despite the fact that the motorbike was parked in a residential neighborhood, the thief had no trouble stealing it and fleeing in broad daylight.

As per police sources, an FIR has been filed for the theft and an investigation has begun based on the CCTV evidence.

The police think that the thief may have used the boy, who is probably his son, to avert suspicions.

It has been noted that motorbike thefts and cellphone robberies are on the rise in Karachi despite the new Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon’s affirmation that street crimes are under control.

Courtesy: Propakistani

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