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‘My Man Is Hot – I Know It’, Katy Perry never hesitates to hype Orlando Bloom

Perry revealed her affection for her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, during an interview with Perry about her duet with Alesso, “When I’m Gone.”

When asked about a recent episode of American Idol in which she was caught admiring Bloom’s Sexiest Man Alive image, the 37-year-old actress tells PEOPLE that she “doesn’t need a magazine to remind me that my man is hot — I know it.”

“But I like it. I like everyone else knowing,” she jokes.

“It turns out that Bloom is always in for the compliments,” Perry says.

“I always protect him, but he loves Luke,” she says of Luke Bryan, her fellow judge on the singing competition series. “So if it’s all in good fun, he’s down. He looks up to Luke with big golden retriever eyes.”

The country music star and Bloom, 45, have “a bromance going on,” the singer claimed on the show in February.

“Yeah, me and Orlando are slowly falling in love,” said Bryan, 45, said of Bloom.

“He talks about you now in the car all the time,” Perry told Bryan. “It’s crazy. He’s like, ‘Luke’s such a good guy, isn’t he?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, he’s a sweet kid.’”

During another take, Bryan received a video message from Bloom, to which Perry responded, “He’s so in love with you.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you what a day I’ve had,” Bloom said in the video message to Bryan.

“Get yourself someone that looks at you the way Orlando looks at Luke,” Perry said. “I haven’t heard from my fiancé all day, but meanwhile, he sends video messages with hearts in his eyes to Luke.”

“It’s called love in Bloom,” said Bryan.

Perry says she and Bloom have “pretty typical lives in a lot of respects” when it comes to their relationship and parenting their 19-month-old daughter Daisy Dove.

We just go to the park, we go to my gym classes, it’s very fun,” she says.

As for their summer plans? They’ll be reversing their parenting roles.

“We love to travel and we kind of do it spontaneously. And we love being in Europe as well, but Orlando is about to go shoot a couple movies,” she says.

“So it’s going to be a role reversal in that he’s been really great and supportive and pulling a lot of weight, especially as I do shows in Vegas and as American Idol is back on the scene, but when I have a month off, he’s going to go film and I’m going to be going to the park.”

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