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Neetu Kapoor revealed all the hidden details on Ranlia’s pre-wedding discussions

The much-anticipated wedding of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor took place in a small ceremony last month, but their wedding news had swept the nation. Vastu kept all the details of the couple’s spectacular wedding under wraps till the big day at Ranbir’s Bandra mansion.

Neetu Kapoor, recently claimed to an entertainment blog. Where she said that the couple had planned a destination wedding in South Africa for 2020. Special wedding functions were also planned in Alia’s Panvel house at the time. Those plans, however, did not materialise due to the pandemic and other circumstances.

On April 14, they married in a low-key ceremony in the company of family and friends. Ranbir and Alia did not want a circus surrounding their wedding, according to Neeto. So they kept things very secret, only stating that it was an engagement party.

The renowned actor also disclosed that the wedding and pre-wedding rituals went off without a hitch. She also revealed some of the low-key wedding details, revealing that there were just 40 attendees on the wedding day and another 40 pals at the reception.

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