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Negligence of IRSA can damage Billions of worth Wheat, says Jam Khan

KARACHI: Negligence of the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) can damage billions of worth of wheat, says the Irrigation minister of Sindh Jam Khan Shoro on Wednesday.

On the advice of Jam Khan Shoro, the department of irrigation Sindh will write IRSA against the shortfall of water in the province and will protest for not fulfilling the agreement on the water treaty in the letter.

Insufficient distribution of water resources is causing severe crises in the province, says the irrigation minister.

It was agreed in 1991 by IRSA that provinces will be disseminated equal flow of water. The department is not working on the pact.

Jam Khan Shoro warns Will to write a letter as a protest to the federal about this injustice of IRSA.

In April, IRSA gave a shortage of 34 percent to Punjab whereas Sindh was provided 42 percent of the shortfall.

According to the current stats, Sindh was hand overed 47 percent shortage and 31 percent for Punjab.

In May, The shortfall increased in by IRSA for Sindh. If the province does not receive the necessary amount of water, the situation will deteriorate, according to Sindh’s irrigation minister.

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