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Netflix lays off employee for planning a protest in solidarity with trans employees

Netflix recently fired an employee for organizing a walkout against the streaming service with the trans community, according to the sources.

The protest was organized after Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO Netflix made disturbing comments about the TV series ‘The Closer’. However, the company says that it fired the employee after he was accused of leaking company’s confidential information.

“We have let go of an employee for sharing confidential, commercially sensitive information outside the company”, the company told a tech news website, TechCrunch.

At the start of October, when the new season of the TV Series ‘The Closer’ was about to air, the staff spoke out against ‘transphobic’ jokes in the show, while referring to the show producer, Dave Chapelle’s disturbing remarks proudly calling himself ‘Team TERF’, which is a term for those feminists who do not include the rights of trans women when standing up for women.

After the new season was out on October 5, the audience, along with the staff condemned Netflix for overlooking such content.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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