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Netizens astonished by NASA’s image of two spiral galaxies dancing together

If you enjoy astronomy, this is likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. A celestial tango! NASA recently posted a photo of two galaxies performing a ‘delicate’ dance in a blog post. The Hubble Space Telescope of NASA took the picture.

Two galaxies may be seen interacting with each other in the image. NASA dubbed the one below NGC 5953, and it slowly tugged at the one above, NGC 5954, as if it were reaching arms towards it. This dance took place more than 100 million lightyears away from Earth, according to NASA.

The astronauts have given the two spiral galaxies the name Arp 91 because they are so intertwined.

However, it’s likely that this is the only form of these two spiral galaxies tangoing together that we’ll see in our lifetime. “They take place over hundreds of millions of years, so we should not expect Arp 91 to look any different over the course of our lifetimes!,” said NASA.

NASA went on to say that, despite their various shapes, the dancing galaxies were all spiral galaxies. The variation in shape was caused by the difference in orientation with regard to Earth. Aside from that, astronomers believe that huge collisions can even result in the creation of a new galaxy, known as elliptical galaxies.

One person commented, “This is extraordinary. Imagine seeing this happen in person.”

“I love getting lost in thought about the planets and space,” another person said.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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