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New Xiaomi Smart Refrigerator Uses Transparent Glass and Requires Under 1KWh Daily

Xiaomi has launched another high-end smart refrigerator under the Mijia brand – the Chinese giant’s sub-brand specializing in equipment for smart homes.

The latest addition to the Mijia refrigerator lineup is named the ‘Mijia 630L Refrigerator Ice’ crystal version. As already evident by the name, the refrigerator has a massive storage capacity of 630 liters.

While exterior features of refrigerators are not talked about much, the latest Mijia refrigerator has an eye-catching outer attribute. It has been made possible with the use of a glass panel on the outer surface which gives the refrigerator a transparent look just like ice crystals.

While the transparent glass panel has a soft texture, it is durable, anti-scratch, and anti-fume. On top of that, it is also extremely easy to clean.

MIJIA-630L-Refrigerator-Ice-crystal-version-3.png (600×462)

Design and Storage

Apart from the exterior transparent glass panel, the refrigerator has a double-door design. The left side can store 223 litres while the right can store 407. Overall, the storage is divided into six large independent storage units which are further divided into twenty smaller storage compartments

MIJIA-630L-Refrigerator-Ice-crystal-version-4.png (600×586)

Primary Features

The new refrigerator features a top-of-the-line Embraco inverter compressor. The large refrigerator is also highly energy efficient as it consumes just 0.95 kWh per day. It offers a 36 dB low noise experience thanks to eddy’s current shell noise reduction technology. Most importantly, the refrigerator has a 10-year warranty.

MIJIA 630L also features an outer display that shows important information about the settings of the refrigerator. The settings can be controlled through the MIJIA app or Xiao AI voice commands as well. The humidity of each drawer can also be adjusted depending upon the requirements of the items placed in it.

Other Features

Unlike traditional refrigerators that feature direct cooling, the Mijia 630L refrigerator features 360-degree air-cooling. It also has deodorization and UV sterilization modules which decompose odour and sterilize the storage units effectively.

Colour and Pricing

The Mijia 630L comes in Morandi-gray colour. It is now available on pre-sale for $550 while its final price is expected to be around $675.

MIJIA-630L-Refrigerator-Ice-crystal-version.jpg (600×800)

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