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Newborn baby grows dense hair all over her body

Myla Gumbs’ mother, Kei ‘Yonna Gumbs, was surprised when she began to grow thick hair all over her body barely months after she was born.

Myla, Kei ‘Yonna Gumbs’s baby, was born with a full head of thick hair and rapidly began developing hair all over her body.

Gumbs, who is from Texas, says she has never seen anything like that on the youngster’s thighs and calves, as well as her upper arms and forearms.

According to her, “I was shocked when I noticed the hair coming in, but she’s so gorgeous that it didn’t matter, I will always love her.”

“To all the mothers out there with daughters like mine, embrace your baby.”

“At birth, she had a lot of hair but it was straight, it didn’t start to curl up until she was around two and a half months.”

“That’s the same time I started to notice the hair on her legs and arms,” she added.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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