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NICH Karachi quarantines two kids on suspicion of Monkeypox

KARACHI: The National Institute of Child Health (NICH) on Tuesday quarantined two children on the suspicion of Monkeypox.

The children have been put in the isolation ward after throrough medical checkups. The children had symptoms of viral infection and bubbles on the body. They have undergone PCR test as well. The situation will have further clarity after test. Both children do not have any travel history. The kids age five year old and one month. Both belong to Larkana and Karachi respectively.

As per reports, around 111 monkeypox cases have been identified in England. According to the reports, Pakistan is also at risk of an outbreak of the disease.

However, researchers have summed up some symptoms of the virus, which may include headache, muscle aches, and blisters on the face and body. On the other hand, Initial symptoms of monkeypox include high fever, headache, back pain, and watery rash on the face. Screening has become mandatory for travellers from contagious countries.

The health department has requested if any hospitals across Sindh report such suspicious cases, they should immediately notify it to Sindh Health Department. Earlier, (UN) United Nations health agency’s specialists discussed the monkeypox outbreak in 15 nations outside Africa.

According to the reports, more than 80 virus cases were confirmed in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and Israel.

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