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Nimra Khan talks about her favourite politician in a talk show

Nimra Khan is a well-known Pakistani actress on television. Her lovely smile and innocent face is what have made her famous. The lovely actress also has a sizable Instagram following.

Nimra Khan recently appeared on Time Out with Ahsan Khan along with Naeem Haque. Where she discussed his favourite politicians and clarified an earlier statement on Nawaz Sharif.

Nimra Khan, when asked about her favourite politicians, replied that she admires Nawaz Sharif. Since she has witnessed Lahore’s growth. “I don’t know much about politics; all I know is that Lahore is lovely,” she says. “But Parvaiz Mushharaf was my favourite politician. I thought Pakistan was changing at the time. And I believe Imran Khan has taken the country in the wrong direction.”

Courtesy Bol News

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