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Non-availability of Air Traffic controllers has risen concerns in Afghanistan

Karachi: The non-availability of Air Traffic controllers has risen concerns in Afghanistan.

After the withdrawal of US and allied forces from Afghanistan, there is no longer any air traffic control in the country.

New Notam released by Civil Aviation Authority to provide services for air traffic control from Pakistan.

The captain of the plane is obliged to inform Pakistani authorities before they take off from the airport.

The Taliban government in Afghanistan is expected to sign an agreement with Qatar for air traffic services.

Until then, Tajikistan and Pakistan’s air traffic controllers are monitoring Afghanistan’s airspace.

The Civil Aviation Authority informed airlines that according to the new notam, till August 20 the radar system won’t be available.

The Pakistani Air Traffic Controllers will look after the airlines coming and going towards Afghanistan from East Asia and Europe.

The CAA notam tells that International airlines will be looked after from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, a frequency will be provided to the captains from the CAA tower to enter Pakistan’s borders.

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