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Pakistan declares high alert against Monkeypox as outbreak reported in multiple countries

ISLAMABAD – The top health body has issued special instructions to all national and provincial health authorities to remain on high alert for any suspected case of Monkeypox.

An official of the Ministry of National Health Services said that the situation is being closely monitored by the authorities.

He also rejected the information circulating on social media about the Monkeypox case in Pakistan as incorrect.

No case of Monkeypox has yet been diagnosed in Pakistan so far, he asserted.

Last week, rhe World Health Organization (WHO) said that more cases of the viral zoonotic disease would spread further as 20 countries across the world have reported monkeypox infection.

Monkeypox is a rare viral infection in which a patient develops a rash within one to three days after the appearance of a fever. Headache, muscle pain, exhaustion and lymphadenopathy are other symptoms.

The incubation period is usually seven to 14 days but can range from five to 21 days. The illness typically lasts for two to four weeks.

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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