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Pakistan – En Route to Technological Revolution

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has recently launched an application to enable National biometric ID verification via smartphones. This means an end to recurring visits to NADRA offices and standing in the lines to wait for your turn.

The slow but continuous shift towards opting for tech-based solutions has seen steady growth in the past decade. Despite the hesitation to adopt new technology, regulatory bodies like the Government of Pakistan have finally started to take them into consideration.

Organizations, on the other hand, have also started considering more technology-driven solutions like cloud-based systems. These solutions allow more flexible, transparent, and efficient working practices.

On one hand, the adoption of tech-based solutions offers convenience; on the other, it also comes with resistance to change resulting in hindered adoption of technology.

Amid the fear of less control and power over tech-based solutions, technological dependency has been increasing to gain a competitive advantage as a first mover.

Not only the organizations and regulatory bodies, but the households have also started using tech-based home solutions present in the market.

The total number of households using smart home devices in Pakistan was reported to be 840 thousand by the start of the year 2021, thereby reflecting a prominent shift towards sustainable and viable lifestyles.

Narrowing down the numbers to the individual level, the case has been totally different yet surprising.

The increased inclination towards portable solutions and handheld devices has faced rapid growth as compared to laptops or desktops.

Also, the difference between the web traffic coming from the laptops (20.5%) and the smartphones (78.3%) reflects a challenge being faced regarding the penetration of laptops in Pakistan.

Serving as a major encounter for the growth of the domestic market, it has been encouraging potential laptop buyers to pick other competent options like smartphones and tabs.

Less penetration rate also reflects the need to have multiple options in the product category along with competitive pricing. With limited options to choose from, one might struggle to find a perfect-fit laptop.

Existing options offer less style and more struggle when it comes to carrying the laptop with you every day. Embedded with heavyweight processors and poor built-in finish, the younger audience is not yet ready to consider a laptop as a style statement.

The drastic shift towards a fast-paced lifestyle has created an accelerated demand for portable gadgets like earbuds and battery banks. Individuals now prefer to buy devices that offer more portability.

This changing preference also answers why users find it difficult to carry a laptop. Laptop manufacturers must take notice of the changed consumer behavior in order to capitalize in the long run.

Talking about better options reminds us that Infinix, after setting a benchmark in the smartphone market, has decided to step into the laptop market with the INBOOK X1 series.

Without compromising on style, the Infinix INBOOK X1 series is made from premium aircraft-level aluminum finished to perfection and also comes in four unique colors.

Settled in a sandblasted anodized body, these colors pay homage to the beauty of Norway’s landscape and empower INBOOK to become your next style statement. The colors include Noble Red, Elves Green, Starfall Grey, and Elegant Black.

Infinix INBOOK X1 series offers three processor options to choose from Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7. All three laptops house 10th Generation Intel Core processors and weigh only 1.48kgs which makes it easier to carry everywhere.

Moreover, the Infinix INBOOK X1 series is power-packed with a 65Wh massive battery and supports 13 hours of continuous web browsing for keeping up with the rapid pace of our lifestyles.

Infinix INBOOK X1 series is available to pre-order on Daraz and Samaan.pk. Till 23rd September, all three variants will be available on both sites at discounted prices starting from Rs 74,900.

courtesy: propakistani

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