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Petrol price in Pakistan: PML-N govt once again increases rates by Rs30

The PML-N-led government has once again ruthlessly made a Rs30 massive increase in prices of Petrol and diesel, raising the rates to Rs 209:86 and Rs204:15 respectively.

This petrol atom bomb has been dropped on already inflation-affected masses of Pakistan by Finance Minister Miftah Islmail, who used to harshly and unreasonably criticize the PTI government on every increase in POL products’ rates.

After the hike, the price of petrol will be at Rs209.86, diesel at Rs204.15, and kerosene oil at Rs181.56

  • Petrol — Rs209.86
  • Diesel — Rs204.15
  • Light diesel — 178.31
  • Kerosene oil — Rs181.94

During the last eight days before, this so-called experienced government had massively increased petrol, diesel and other POL products’ prices by Rs 30, which was the biggest increase in the history of Pakistan.

In spite of big claims, the coalition government has utterly failed to manage to bring down the prices of essential commodities but raised prices of POL products’ rates and electricity.

Miftah asserted that the government is facing losses of Rs8 on light diesel, Rs9 on petrol, and Rs23 on high-speed diesel.”

He admitted that the poor would face the worst situation as a result of the petrol price hike, but noted that the rate of oil has also sky-rocketed in the international market.

In response to a question, he said he was optimistic about inking an agreement with the IMF in June, adding that the government will have to introduce some reforms to get the loan.

“The IMF wants to see our budget, so the reforms that we want to introduce will be introduced before the budget. However, we are speaking to the IMF on a daily basis,” he claimed.
The finance minister asserted the government was giving subsides of Rs100 on cooking oil and Rs15 on rice and pulses at the utility stores across the country.

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