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PM Imran invites nation to join him on March 27 to stand against evil

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan invited the nation to join him on March 27 to show that they are standing with the good and against the evil.

Referring to the opposition leaders united against him for the no-confidence motion, the premier in a video message, said that a group of dacoits have joined hands against him by buying the loyalties of the parliamentarians on the basis of looted wealth.

“Almighty Allah has ordered us to stand with the good,” he said.

Meanwhile, yesterday, as the National Assembly session to discuss the opposition’s no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan nears, the premier has categorically said that he will not resign, said Bol News report on Wednesday.

Speaking to a delegation of journalists in the capital today, he said the politics of PML-N and PPP was all about stealing and then hiding their stealing.

“Should I resign amid the pressure of thieves? Shall I raise my hand before the fight?” asked PM Imran.

He added, “There may be a misunderstanding that I will sit at home. I will not resign under any circumstances.”

He said that if any party member or, ally would leave PTI, they would do so for money.

The opposition surrendered to pressure and revealed all their cards, said the prime minister and claimed, “I will reveal all my cards one day before the no-confidence vote.”

“Whatever I am doing is not for the premiership.”

“I am clearly saying that they [opposition] will not win the no-confidence match. The people of Pakistan have turned in our favour,” said the PM.

Criticising Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief, he said, “Fazlur Rehman is the twelfth player in politics. It is time for Fazlur Rehman to be out of the team.”

The premier lauded the contribution of the armed forces for Pakistan and said, “The army is being wrongly criticized. The country needs a strong army. The country would have been divided into three parts without the army,” said the prime minister.

Courtesy Bol News

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