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PM Shehbaz announces establishment of medical college, electric company and Rs1bn for Mansehra’s civic issues

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced the establishment of a medical college and electric company and Rs 1 billion for the resolution of Mansehra’s civic problems.

He made this announcement while addressing a big public rally in Mansehra on Sunday.

Shehbaz also announced the distribution of free laptop computers for the youth of Mansehra in the next budget.

He asserted that if people gave the PML-N and Nawaz Sharif a chance to serve the country so they would also make the KP province like Punjab.

He harshly criticised Imran Khan and said that he had destroyed this country.

He urged the people to decide whether they would elect an incompetent person or competent person like Nawaz Sharif for the development and progress of the country.

He claimed that he had increased POL products’ prices with heavy heart and due to Imran Khan’s wrong policy, the PML-N government had to raise the prices of petrol and diesel, adding that he had full realization of the people’s sufferings that was why he announced Rs28 billion relief package for the poorest of the country, and they would get Rs2000 per a month under the package.

Earlier, addressing the public meeting, Maryum Nawaz said that Shehbaz had back pain but in spite of it he had come to Mansehra to express his love and affection to the people of Mansehra.

She said that she loved Shehbaz as he was not only her paternal uncle and like her father but he was a true server of the country.

She paid tribute to Mansehra’s people for rejecting Imran Khan’s long march, and said to him and his long march “Absolutely Not”.

She blamed that the KP government was using the province’s money on Imran’s long march, adding that Imran even used the KP government’s helicopter for his traveling.

She further said that all provincial resources had been employed for the PTI long march.

She claimed that people had rejected Imran Khan’s long march as they did not join the march.

She said that Imran’s revolution had failed as he had no courage to fight against powerful corridors.

She said that his mandate and his conspiracy letter were all fake that was why he was hiding in Peshawar despite his claim that the USA was afraid of him.

She also asserted that Imran had sent his people to Nawaz Sharif to strike a deal for the announcement of fresh elections and in return, he would call off his long march but Nawaz Sharif had rejected his demand and told his people that Nawaz would not compromise on his rules.

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