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Police Arrests 31 Unvaccinated Citizens in Sukkur

In an extraordinary development, Sukkur Police has arrested 31 people for not being vaccinated against Coronavirus.

The development comes just a couple of days after the Sindh government issued orders to arrest citizens found unvaccinated against Coronavirus from all over the province.

According to details, a number of teams of Sukkur Police raided hotels and restaurants across the city on Wednesday and apprehended 31 individuals who failed to provide any proof of their Coronavirus vaccination.

Speaking to the media, SSP Sukkur, Irfan Samo, said that FIRs have been lodged against all the apprehended individuals and criminal proceedings are underway against them, adding that Sukkur Police will constantly raid public spaces to arrest unvaccinated citizens.

He clarified that Sindh Police will do its best in assisting the provincial government to achieve the target set by the NCOC of vaccinating 70 million of the eligible population across the country by the end of this year.

Ban from using roads and rails

As the deadline by Sindh’s Home Department expired on 20 September, citizens of Sindh seeking to travel on motorways, highways, trains are now required to provide proof of vaccination against Coronavirus.

Unvaccinated citizens not only will be denied access to these services but they will also be detained and put behind bars in light of the Sindh government’s order.

Seizure of vehicles

Sindh’s Home Department had directed transport companies to ensure the vaccination of their employees against Coronavirus by 20 September.

Buses and other vehicles of the companies caught flouting the directive will now be confiscated while their unvaccinated employees will be sent to jail.

Closure of eateries

Sindh’s Home Department had also ordered all hotels, restaurants, and food delivery services operating in the province to vaccinate their employees by 20 September.

Businesses found violating the order will now be shut down and their unvaccinated staff members will be imprisoned.

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