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Prime Minister Imran Khan launches ‘Kisan Portal’ to give ‘voice to small farmers’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday launched ‘Kisan Portal’ to “give voice to small farmers” under the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal.

As part of the premier’s targets for developing a strong agricultural sector in Pakistan, the portal will play a huge role in assisting farmers and addressing their problems, said Radio Pakistan.

Under the Kisan Portal, 123 dashboards have been established in relevant departments at the federal and provincial levels.

Earlier, the problems of the farmers were not reaching the quarters concerned for redressal as there was no dedicated category for them in the Citizen’s Portal.

Addressing the launching ceremony in the capital, PM Imran emphasized research and adoption of modern techniques to enhance agricultural productions.

“New seeds should be developed, and educational institutions should play an important role in this regard,” he said.

PM said, “The government would help the farmers adopt new techniques and increase the crop yields.”

“Steps have been taken to ensure that farmers receive a due price of their crops.”

According to the premier, the initiative of Kisan Card would provide direct subsidies to small farmers. Health Card would also benefit the farmers in treatment of their ailing family members, added PM Imran.

PM Imran linked the success of the country with the success of the farmers’ community. He also said the dams being constructed would greatly contribute to agricultural development in the country.

“Kisan Portal will give voice to the small farmers, and they can also lodge complaints to the concerned quarters if they face injustice,” announced the premier during the ceremony.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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