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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas enjoy a romantic beach date after Easter

Priyanka Chopra spent Easter with her family and then went on a romantic beach date with her husband Nick Jonas, as seen in new photos she shared on Instagram. Priyanka shared a glimpse of the couple’s idyllic beach walk.

Priyanka shared adorable photos of her holding Nick’s hand on a sunny beach day. “What dreams are made of,” she captioned her photos. In other photos, the actress shared a photo of the pebbles she collected while walking along the beach. She also posted a romantic photo of Nick and her shadows kissing.

Priyanka had previously shared photos from her Easter celebrations, where she and Nick posed under an arch with bunny ears. Also sharing sweet snaps from the Easter special spread that Nick and she enjoyed including a cute cupcake with a bunny ears decoration.

Priyanka previously tweeted a video of herself and Nick driving together, suggesting the couple took a mini-break around Easter. They are known to spend all of their holidays together despite their busy schedules. While the couple welcomed a daughter via surrogacy in January, fans have yet to see her.

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