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PTA Wins Licensing Case Against Telenor and Jazz

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has won a legal battle after the Supreme Court of Islamabad dismissed applications for the license renewal fee filed by Jazz and Telenor.
Jazz and Telenor have appealed to the Supreme Court of Islamabad (IHC) that the $ 449 million $ 279 million license fee revoked by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) be higher than the original cost of licensing 15 years ago. They also claimed that the license renewal fee was higher than the amount paid by another operator in 2016.

Jazz and Telenor licenses were due to be renewed in 2019 but operators and PTAs did not agree on the renewal price.

Jazz was renewing Warid’s license – which was merged with Jazz in 2016-2017 – which was acquired in 2004 for $ 291 million and given the following radio waves:

2 x 4.8 MHz to 900 MHz
2 x 8.8 MHz at 1800 MHz
Similarly, Telenor had obtained a license in 2004 for $ 291 million to be renewed in 2019.

Both operators were hopeful that their licenses would be renewed for the same amount since the renewal of the 2016 Phone license was re-charged for $ 291 million. However, the PTA accepted that it was the regulator’s choice to recommend the value of the license renewal price, so, given the current economic situation, a value of $ 449 million was appropriate.

In the end, both Telenor and Jazz had gone to IHC but had paid at least 50 percent of the license fee in advance as a protest.

Following the hearing, the IHC decided on the PTA list and dismissed it.

Jazz, as we have officially confirmed, has appealed its decision to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. At present, both operators pay installments in accordance with the prescribed schedule (PTA) for the remaining amount of the license fee.

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