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Ramazan 2022: Can diabetic patients take insulin while fasting?

LAHORE – The holy month of fasting, Ramazan, is all set to begin next week across Pakistan and Muslims have geared up preparations to welcome it.

However, people suffering from diabetes are confused whether they should fast as they need to take insulin twice or thrice a day to balance their sugar level.

In a seminar organized by Mir Khalilur Rehman society, senior doctors said that low sugar level can harm the health of the patients, adding that the number of diabetic patients had reached 3.3 million in Pakistan.

They are of the view that diabetic patients can take insulin while fasting.

The senior health experts also asked people to take decision about fasting or not after consulting with their doctors. However, they pointed out that fasting helps reducing diseases related to kidneys, and others.

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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