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Rawalpindi Transporters Demand Change in Fares

Transporters in Rawalpindi are demanding a revision of fares to cover the cost of the new government-approved hike in the prices of petroleum.

Since 15 September, the price hike has become worrisome for local transporters, and the leader of the Muttahida Transport Federation, Raja Riyaz, has stated that the massive surge in the prices of petroleum will unleash a new wave of inflation.

He added that the transporters have no option but to raise their fares as the elevated prices of fuel will, in turn, increase the rates of vehicle spare parts.

Riyaz also pointed out that the authorities’ policy entails that fares are to be revised if the prices of fuel go up, but no such revision has been done this time.

He said that the government had set Rs. 15 as the standard fare when petrol cost Rs. 80 a liter, but petrol now costs Rs. 123 a liter. He demanded that the authorities change the minimum stop-to-stop fare to Rs. 25.

He warned that the transporters would raise the fares themselves if the government does not increase them.

Meanwhile, a number of transporters have resorted to charging passengers one to two rupees extra on account of the petroleum price hike, leading passengers to complain about it.

Riyaz said that the transporter’s body has been summoned next week to discuss future action regarding these issues.

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