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Rayner slams ‘perverted’ accusations as PM avoids new fine

There was a story in the Mail on Sunday this morning that suggested that Angela Rayner had been employing a “Basic Instinct” ploy to distract Boris Johnson in the House of Commons.

By crossing and uncrossing her legs, Ms Rayner is said to have put the PM “off his stride” in the House of Commons, according to the newspaper.

When asked about the “desperate, perverted smears” that compared her body language toward the Prime Minister to Sharon Stone’s iconic scene in 1992 erotic thriller, M. Rayner said she believed the Prime Minister was personally responsible.

A second fixed penalty notice fine for the “BYOB” drinks party in the Downing Street garden on May 20, 2020, during England’s first lockdown, is expected to be thrown out by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to a Downing Street insider, Boris Johnson was not fined for the get-together.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said that the rising cost of living is a more pressing issue for many Britons than Partygate.

Sir Keir told the BBC that “for millions of people across the country, the cost of living is more important than lockdown parties right now.”

Local elections are taking up all of his time when he’s not in Parliament, so he says, “and that is the single most important issue for so many people and they’re really struggling to pay their bills.” The government’s response in the spring statement was “woeful.” They’ve exacerbated an already dire situation.

He said on Tuesday that he was responding to the Prime Minister’s statement about receiving a fine when he defended his attention to the partygate controversy over the past week.

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