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Research Makes a Shocking Claim About Calamities to be Faced by Children Born in 2020

New research released today by Save the Children revealed that children born in 2020 in Pakistan will face 4.5 times more scorching heatwaves, 6.7 times more river floods, 1.8 times more droughts, and 2.9 times more crop failures than people born in 1960.

Save the Children, in their latest report, “Born into the Climate Crisis – why we must act now to secure children’s rights”, highlighted the devastating impact of climate change on children unless urgent action is taken.

The report states that children in poorer countries will be worst hit by it as they are already at a greater risk of battling waterborne diseases, hunger and even facing death due to malnutrition, floods, and cyclones.

If global warming was stopped at 1.5°C, children born in 2020 will face 7 percent more wildfires, 26 percent more crop failures, 31 percent more droughts, 30 percent more river floods, and 65 percent more heatwaves.

According to the report if the rise is kept to a maximum of 1.5 degrees, the intergenerational burden on newborns is reduced by 45 percent for heatwaves, by 39 percent for droughts, by 38 percent for river floods, by 28 percent for crop failures, and by 10 percent for wildfires.

Eisha Ayub, 17, a young climate activist from Islamabad who represented Pakistan at the Youth4Climate Event held in Italy, Milan said, “We look to world leaders as our hope and your support will help us in our mission to hand over a better planet to the next generation”.

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