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Room with en suite bathroom

Whoever leases this property should not be bashful because it has an open plan en suite bathroom.

The washroom is adjacent to the £900-per-month bedroom in a shared pad, but there are no walls or even a door.
It implies that any guests who visit the lodger will be subjected to starkers in the shower as well.

The shower is separated from the squirting water and suds all over your bed by a glass barrier.

This apartment includes an open-plan en suite.

However, because it is unfrosted, it will not protect the tenant’s modesty.

The tiling on the shower floor says “nudie rudie.”

The distinctive en-suite is described as “open” in the advertisement for the double room in Brixton, south London.

“I’m going out of London for work and looking to rent out two rooms in the flat I own, for two months tentatively, employment depending,” read the ad.

“One is spacious with an open bathroom, while the other is cosy yet has a big king size bed and plenty of storage.”

The landlord also stated that they would consider a couple for the larger en-suite room.

“I would consider a couple in the larger bedroom for the perfect match; it has an open plan bathroom, but there is another bathroom downstairs as well,” they stated.

“It is completely furnished, so it would fit a pair of friends looking for a longer-term rental.”

A smaller room in the two-bed apartment is also available for £750, as is a bathroom below – which seems to have walls and a door.

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