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Samsung Employee Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets

An employee from Samsung Electronics has reportedly been arrested for stealing trade secrets and some confidential information. The company is currently investigating the matter.

Samsung confirmed that the employee was expected to quit and may have taken photographs of confidential information of the brand’s chip-making processes. The company did not reveal details regarding the proceedings but claims that an investigation is ongoing.

A spokesperson from the company stated:

The person is under investigation for violating information protection rules. But it is not yet known the type of information compromised and whether the person handed it to a third party.

The company believes that the employee had taken sensitive information related to the brand’s its advanced semiconductor fabrication process.

The unnamed employee tried to take screenshots of the information but since the database system blocks screen captures, he was prompted to record it via the smartphone.

Reports claim that the employee had managed to photograph hundreds of trade secrets, indicating that the employee was likely taking the pictures to sell to a competitor.

The chip fabrication process is likely to include advanced semiconductor manufacturing techniques related to the 5nm or 3nm chips.

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