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Secret Behind Javed Sheikh’s Fitness And Good Looks

Javed Sheikh is a legendary and senior Pakistani actor who has given many years to the industry, and still, his personality and grace are unrivaled. Apart from being an actor, he is likewise a Director and producer and a winner of countless awards. Javed Sheikh was recently spotted in GMP “Eid Special Show”.

Javed Sheikh while disclosing the secrets about his fitness and good looks, mentioned that “The secret behind my good looks is that I always stay happy, positive and tension free. I always try to take care of my sleep.”

Secret Behind Javed Sheikh's Fitness And Good Looks

“I try to maintain my eating habits. I do breakfast at 8 in the morning, then I skip my lunch and have dinner at 7 or maximum 8 pm”, added Javed Sheikh.

Secret Behind Javed Sheikh's Fitness And Good Looks

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