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Senate Committee Approves Bill Against Corporal Punishment for Children

The Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights has unanimously approved the prohibition of corporal punishment bill on Tuesday.

According to the details, “The Islamabad Capital Territory Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill, 2021” prohibits corporal punishment for children by any person or care institution including formal, non-formal, and religious educational institutions, workplace, child care institutions, rehabilitation centers, or any other care settings both public and private.

According to the bill, “any punishments in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however, light it may be, which may involve hitting (smacking, slapping, spanking) will be subjected to criminal proceedings against the violator”.

A child has the right to be shown respect for his personality and individuality and under no circumstance, any kind of corporal punishment is allowed, the proposed bill read.

The bill has proposed that the Ministry of Education and Wifaqul Madaris will form committees for schools and Madrassahs comprising of three members out of which one will have to be a woman.

The committees will decide on a complaint within 30 days.

The violators of the bill will be given punishment prescribed for the related offenses in the Pakistan Penal Code that includes Sections 351 for assault, 332 for hurt, and 350 for criminal force.

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