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Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah asks PM Imran Khan to ‘leave Pakistan’

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah while firing a broadside on the PTI over rising prices asked the leaders of the party to leave the country as he believes that they will keep on inflicting tyranny on the masses as long as they are in Pakistan.

Addressing a PPP power show in Karachi’s Malir against the nationwide inflation, the CM said that he chose to attend the rally as he wanted to “show the mirror” to the PTI-led federal government.

“These donkeys sitting in Islamabad have brought the people of Malir on horses,” CM Murad told the charged crowd.

The CM said that petrol prices in the country have risen to Rs140 [per litre] but the government claims that Pakistan has the cheapest oil prices in the world.

“You should leave Pakistan. Till you are here, you will keep inflicting such tyranny on the people,” said the PPP leader. He added that the incumbent government has inflicted so much misery that “people cannot live anymore”.

“The prices [have reached till here] due to their incompetence and till they are in power, people will not be at ease,” said CM Murad.

To make his case for the rising prices, he shared that wheat prices have risen to Rs70-75 per kilogramme, sugar which was at Rs55/kg three years ago, has gone up to Rs115-120/kg.

The PPP leader claimed that the incumbent rulers have no shame and assured the public that they will be the one’s who will have the last laugh.

Taking a jibe at the government officials, CM Murad said PM Imran Khan has appointed “Aristotle’s” in his government.

“I heard today that one [Aristotle] said that one foot is on the accelerator and the nation is going upwards and there is inflation because we are developing. Keep this development at your home and leave us alone,” the CM told the charged crowd.

The CM further claimed that the only “solution” to get out of this crisis lies in supporting Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, telling the crowd to help Bilawal become the prime minister.

He also took a jibe at the State Bank of Pakistan governor over his statement on the rising rate of the dollar. CM Murad claimed that he was happy with the rising rate of the dollar as he has been earning in dollars all his life.

“He [Imran Khan] used to say himself that when [the] dollar would go up, it means the rulers are thieves and dacoits. Now you tell who is a thief and who is a dacoit,” asked CM Murad.

“You [Imran Khan] will leave soon and ghabrana nahin (do not worry). You are leaving, ghabrana nahin. The people of this country will take their right,” said CM Murad. Protests are being held across the country and it’s the voice of the poor that will kick out Imran Khan from the PM Office, said CM Murad.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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