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Sindh High Court removed IG Sindh for negligence in Dua Zahra case

The Jury in the Dua Zahra case ordered the removal of Inspector General of Sindh Kamran Afzal.
He remarked that the Sindh Government should bring a deserving IG for the province.

The court remarked that The IG Sindh put forwarded the unreal facts in front of the court.

Dua Zahra was traced in the Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Advocate General of Sindh told the Sindh High Court bench during the hearing.

He informed the jury that the KPK police should be urged to participate fully in this case. The accused is cooperating with KPK police and a few lawyers.

“Can we advice the police of any other province?” Justice Agha Faisal inquired.

Advocate General of Sindh responded by saying that in the case of missing persons the court used to advise.

The court remarked that the Sindh Police looks completely toppled, we thought our domain is only in Sindh.

Justice Iqbal Kalhoro asked the Advocate general who has this much power to cause a barrier in recovering the girl?

To this, he replied with the same words few lawyers were involved in it.

Justice Kalhoro ordered strictly to continue investigation even a judge causing such barriers to doing the required investigations.

According to the police details, a guy named Wasim is cooperating and the location was traced to Garhi Habib Ullah. The police raided on the spot and recovered a car from there.

The Justice of Sindh High Court said, “We care only for the missing girl, not the news. We have taken an oath to abide by the constitution and will implement it.”

Justice Kalhoro told Advocate General that even if the girl was in Afghanistan, we would have given orders to recover her.

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