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Single National Curriculum Follows The Constitution: Pakistan Ulema Council

Religious and political leaders have expressed their satisfaction with the Single National Curriculum and have acknowledged that it is in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan.

A joint declaration was made on Sunday following a meeting of the Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) according to which the teachings on inter-faith harmony and the rights of minorities and women’s rights in the Single National Curriculum (SNC) are very clear and explicit.

The declaration mentioned that the elements running a smear campaign against it want to tarnish Pakistan’s image worldwide.

The leaders highlighted that non-Muslims are not obligated to study Islamic teachings unlike the content of the propaganda against the SNC.

The declaration detailed:

With the Uniform National Curriculum, hatred, sectarian violence, and other social prejudices will come to an end and interfaith harmony and national unity and solidarity will strengthen in the country.

The clerics remarked during the meeting that the current atmosphere of sectarian violence in the country is an Indian conspiracy, and urged the need to tackle it with unity.

The conventional system of education up to the Intermediate level is also being imparted in the Aarabi madrassas, which, the leaders said, is a welcome move. They added that only a few individuals are running a baseless propaganda campaign to malign Pakistan.

The declaration further mentioned that “the Constitution and law of Pakistan and Islamic teachings are the guardians of the rights of women and minorities and all these elements are included in the uniform educational curriculum. It is very strange that why don’t those who talk about women’s rights in Pakistan and Afghanistan remember Dr. Aafia Siddiqui”.

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