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Skype Unveils a Brand New Look for its App

Skype has showcased a major update in its latest blog post. The popular chatting app is getting a UI overhaul with a special focus on the “call stage” screen where all the participants in a call can see each other.

You can also customize text chats with different themes accented by color gradients, similar to Telegram and Instagram.

Skype aims to modernize the look of the app with new layouts, themes, and features while still remaining familiar to its longtime users. The new update makes everyone more inclusive on the call screen.

The first person we included was you – now you can find yourself on the main view during a call. We also adjusted the way video feeds are rendered into a more natural grid, and no one will be left alone on the upper tray again because we bring you all together.

If you are not sharing a video in a call, you will no longer have a grey background. Audio-only participants can now customize their avatars and backgrounds with different colors before or during a call.

Skype’s “Meet Now” lobby has also been updated with less clutter and improved ease of use. As mentioned earlier, text chats can also be customized with individual themes and gradient colors.

Skype says that it has managed to improve its performance by 30% on desktop and over 2000% on Android.

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