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Snapchat to roll out family safety feature soon

Snapchat, the story-sharing application, recently followed the suit of other social media applications after it decided to bring in tools for minors’ safety, just like other apps including Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube etc. The application has come up with parental controls’ tools for the safety of teens, especially girls.

The recent decision of Snapchat was shared among the public by the company’s CEO Evan Speigel in a recent interview. In the conference, he emphasized about the safety tool on how it will help parents keep an eye on their children’s activities using the application and also allow them to control privacy settings.

“We haven’t announced the name of this product yet, but we basically have a family center so that young people and their parents can use Snapchat together,” announced Speigel.

The CEO also highlighted the fact that Snapchat respects its users’ privacy, provided the filters Snapchatters use while uploading their stories by default. This is a plus for its users, that is provided by no other social media platforms.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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