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SpaceX beats Blue Origin against NASA lunar contract

Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos recently lost a case against NASA losing a billion-dollar contract, that was rewarded to Musk’s Space X. Musk instantly posted a meme targeting Bezos, once again taking a dig at his billionaire rival.

The contract to build lunar lander for the US Artemis Program has been ruled against Blue Origin by Judge Richard Hertling. The ruling has allowed SpaceX to continue working on its Starship for the US Artemis Mission which has planned on returning humans back to the Moon by the year 2024.

After the verdict was announced, the US Space agency, NASA declared that it will continue working with SpaceX “as soon as possible”.

Founder Tesla, Elon Musk right after the verdict, posted a meme on Twitter, saying “You have been judged”.

It is also worth noting that Twitterati are familiar with the friendly fights between both the billionaires.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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