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Spotify: ‘Car Thing’ to be more broadly available from now

Spotify introduced an in-car music technology this spring for its users to readily enjoy music during road trips. According to the reports, the audio streaming service has recently announced to offer its music device for $79.99 in United States.

At the time of testing, Spotify offered its new music device at the shipping costs, so as to see how well it does in the market.

It is necessary for a user signing up for the device to have a Premium account of Spotify. Users are entering their names to book their in-car devices in advance, while in US, users who signed up for it at the time of its launch will receive the music system earlier than others.

Furthermore, users can also communicate with Car Thing’s voice commands, also known as ‘Hey Spotify’, using its multiple microphones at the top.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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