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STZA officials Amer Hashmi, Masroor Qureshi under NAB Lahore’s radar

LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau Lahore received a complaint on alleged misuse of power by the Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) officials including Chairman Amer Hashmi, COO Masroor Ahmed Qureshi, Bol News reported on Monday.

The complaint also mentioned the name of Talha Rao, Abdul Raheem Ahmed, Hamza Saeed,  Muhammad Ali and Iqra Mushtaq for giving employment to chosen people without taking merit into consideration, signed MoUs contrary to regulations, and gave undue favours to Organizon Islamabad chapter, KASB, Galaxy racer and Shorouq partners.

The complainant further said that Z Park belt and Sino Pak also illegally benefited from the STZA officials, private companies that were given favours include Eye Engineering, Repidev and DMCC entrepreneur. He further said that the massive financial irregularities come under the purview of NAB.

The STZA officials failed to bring any project for the IT industry professionals, it said. The complainant asked the NAB to probe how much public tax payer money was spent on the STZA officials on salaries and perks, how many requests were sent to the authority and how many licenses were issued, what were the terms and processes of agreements, what were the objectives of the MoUs.

The complainant requested NAB Lahore to probe the assets of STZA officials.

Courtesy Bol News

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