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Syed Jibran Replaced Fawad Khan In A Project-Details

Syed Jibran is a doctor, businessman and an actor. He has always impressed the audience with his natural portrayal of characters. Jibran ahs done many negative roles with some positive characters peppered in. He is all set for his film Ghabrana Nahi Hai’s release and is on a press junket these days.

Syed Jibran Replaced Fawad Khan In A Project-Details

During an interview with Momina’s Mixed Plate, he revealed that he once replaced Fawad Khan in a project. Fawad Khan made is debut with sitcom Jutt and Bond alongside Ahmed Ai Butt. Syed Jibran shared that Fawad Khan left the show after 40 episodes and he replaced him as the Bond from the next 40 episodes. It is crazy to see that many of our stars have come a long way.

Check out Syed Jibran explaining his Jutt and Bond stint:

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