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Taxila Tourist Points


Taxila is an internationally famous city and is considered a World Heritage site by UNESCO 1980. This beautiful city is located in the north of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Taxila is an attractive tourist destination for decades. It was once a center of Buddhist civilization and Buddhist University. The Guardian Newspaper ranked Taxila as the top tourist point in 2006. Some must-visit places are Bhir Mound, Bhir Mound, Dharmarajika Stupa, Sikap and Sirsukh cities, Shrine of double-headed Eagle, Jandial Temple, Julian Buddhist Monastery, etc. If you are an Artistic mind, you must visit Taxila Museum, as it is famous for its spectacular collection of Gandhara Art. It shows a blend of Greek and Buddhist artwork. Furthermore, you will also find the collection of ancient utensils, jewelry, toys, pottery stuff, and items of daily use, highlighting the lifestyle of residents of ancient Taxila.