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TCL is Working on World’s First 8K TV With a 265 Hz Refresh Rate

Chinese display-making giant TCL has announced that it’s working on the world’s first 75-inch 8K 265 Hz TV. Last year, the company revealed its first generation 8K 1G1D technology but the new 2021 tech will be a significant leap forward.

According to reports, TCL’s new 8K 1G1D technology adopts a high-throughput H-HVA technology with support for 4Mask and unique HCC charging compensation which enables a superfluid 265Hz refresh rate on 8K resolution.

8K TVs currently top out at a 120Hz refresh rate so the 265 Hz technology will be a huge leap making it the highest refresh rate ever seen on a TV.

TCL has managed to refine its pixel architecture design used on its TVs and the H-HVA transmittance has also increased by 10% this year. Most of these advancements are based on last year’s 8K 1G1D technology.

The next generation 8K 1G1D technology is powered by a unique HCC row variable charging technology and a new high-drive GOA and compensation circuit design. This increases the transmission frequency by 7.5 times.

Further, TCL has also launched the world’s first 85-inch 8K 120Hz 1G1D high-end LCD based on this technology. It was announced at the World Display Industry Conference 2021 with a contrast ratio of over 5000:1 and its power consumption is 30% lower than the competition.

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