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TCL Unveils Smart Glasses With Binocular Full Color MicroLED Display

The smart glasses market, however niche it may be, is starting to heat up once again. We have seen Xiaomi, Oppo, and a few others release new versions of their smart glasses after years and now TCL is re-entering the competition.

TCL aims to shake up the market with the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition, which may be the most impressive pair of smart glasses this year. These spectacles are fitted with the latest generation micro-LED display with superior contrast, colors, brightness, and local dimming.

Despite that, it is a transparent color display, so you can wear them as a regular pair of glasses as well. This puts them ahead of Xiaomi’s concept glasses, which only had a monochrome display, also based on Micro LED.

However, their function is the same as any smart glasses. They aim to replace your phone’s display by letting you read notifications, your schedule, check the news, control your smart home devices, and lots more directly from a pair of glasses instead of your phone. The glasses have a built-in camera in the center, which lets you snap photos and send them to your phone automatically.

You still need your phone for internet connectivity, however, so the glasses are just a pair of smart displays with touch controls on the side.

The demo video below shows the Thunderbird glasses in action.

TCL has not revealed when the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition will reach customers or how much they will cost.

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