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Tehzeeb Bakers Does It Again, Cuts Pakistan’s Largest Cake

Tehzeeb Bakers is one of the most renowned bakeries in Pakistan and the most preferred place for meetha on any occasion. With a legacy of 111 years, it has revolutionized the baking industry of Pakistan.

Tehzeeb Bakers has become a culture, tradition, and lifestyle that breathes in the hearts of people. Not to forget that its baked products are immensely admired by dignitaries like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Foreign Ambassadors, Royal Princes, Princes, Kings, and Queens from all across the continents.

The brand is known for its quality and standard so much that the people of Emirates, parts of Europe, North and South America insist that it open its bakery outlet in their country. To name a few, royalties like the Saudi Crown Prince and late Princess Diana ate delicacies from Tehzeeb Bakers during their visit to Pakistan.

For the auspicious occasion of 12th Rabi Ul Awal, Tehzeeb Bakers created Pakistan’s largest cake which weighs 5,040 lbs. The ceremony of this cake cutting took place in F-9 park Islamabad, where a team of 40 bakery chefs assembled this huge cake.

A special wooden table was crafted to place the cake on it and cold storage was set up inside the park a day before the ceremony. The cake was custom-made in the flavors of vanilla and coffee. The cake was in a long rectangular shape, decorated with green and white buttercream on top of the cake.

Tehzeeb Bakers is the only bakery in Pakistan that has stepped into eCommerce and is delivering nationwide at a mass level. The bakery has adapted to new methods of selling and has become the pioneers of nationwide delivery which is opening new horizons for the baking industry.

Tehzeeb Bakers is growing rapidly in other parts of Pakistan and is looking forward to establishing its physical outlets in other cities, while currently offering its delivery service to its customers across Pakistan.

We cannot wait to see what innovation they will bring into the baking industry next.

courtesy: propakistani

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